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Lauren Paulis

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Hello, I’m Lauren! I’m an actor/singer located in Los Angeles, but I am originally from Akron, Ohio. No, LeBron James was not my neighbor, but I did do a commercial with him! I grew up in musical family. My mom is a music teacher at an arts school and my dad is a classical composer/ college professor. I’m pretty sure I was singing before I was talking. As I grew older, I fell in love with films. I began training by performing in community theatre, school productions, and private classes until I graduated high school. I was lucky enough to be accepted into a college acting program in New York City where I could focus on on-camera training and minor in musical theatre. Because I minored in musical theatre, I was able to have private vocal training and daily dance. When I am not auditioning or on set, I love to be outdoors. I love hiking and have a passion for working out. I am a huge Disney fan. I can’t wait to network and hopefully work with you soon!


Best Wishes. Warmest Regards. 🙂

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