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Long Beach , California



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Laura Meadows is a native of St. Louis and since moving to Los Angeles, Laura has appeared in numerous film, television, and digital projects, encompassing comedy, drama, and her greatest cinematic passion, horror. She has worked with Rob Zombie and Darren Lynn Bousman, among other notable directors. Laura has also appeared in numerous music videos, including the “The Rope” by the Foo Fighters, where she ran into the freezing cold ocean in a bikini!

Laura’s range as an actress is extensive; she’s played moms, detectives, doctors, lovers, villains, fantasy characters and has done voice over work. She also has a long list of modeling credits, including red carpet couture for noted designer Pol Atteu. She has also appeared in full-page print ads in magazines such as Star, Women’s World, and Life & Style, among other notable publications. Laura is the 2018 Ms Woman Carson, California, United States title holder.

Laura is a noted visual artist, with extensive credits in fine art, fashion, and commercial art. Her textile designs have appeared internationally and been worn by Pia Lamberg (Miss Finland Universe), Kristy Swanson, (Buffy the Vampire Slayer film), and many others.

The daughter of a university professor/musician father and a mother with a Ph.D. in education, Laura holds a BFA in Fine Art from the University of Missouri Columbia. Laura has attended the California State University studying theatre. 

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