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San Francisco , California

Researcher & Consultant



Personal Bio

Kelly is an archaeologist turned screenwriter. As an archaeologist, Kelly consistently sought to engage audiences in ways that both inform *and* delight, communicating immersive narratives via exhibitions, TV programs, digital media, and creative non-fiction.

She is the Founder of Heritage in Action, LLC, and the Co-founder of Past Preservers, a boutique cultural media consultancy. She is also the Co-founder of the MyEGYPT initiative, an online platform that uses curated stories to engage audiences with the exploration of Egypt through original content creation.

In 2017, Kelly transitioned into screenwriting and created a limited social horror series based in San Francisco urban legend. She is currently shopping the pilot. She is also developing a true-crime thriller and a western drama series. She was recently hired to develop a thriller miniseries for the UK market.

Kelly is a graduate of Boston University and University College London. She has worked with various projects, government institutions and media networks that include the Egyptian Ministry of State of Antiquities, the Qatar Museums Authority, UNESCO, History Channel, and Discovery Channel.

With an insatiable passion for producing inclusive, character-driven narratives that foster collaboration and empathy, Kelly seeks to consistently learn and grow as a visual storyteller through writing, cinematography, directing, and film editing. Her favorite genres are horror, thriller, sci-fi, fantasy and historical fiction… Or any combination thereof!

In the Works (female- and/or POC-led):
• MACABRE – limited social horror series
• WYCHBURY – mystery thriller feature
• RUSH – historical western drama series
• CODENAME: ELDRITCH – supernatural horror series
• THE LADIES’ FIRST BATTALION OF DEATH – historical action feature

Key Specializations:
• Female-, POC- and socially-driven content
• Feature & TV Writing
• Research/Consulting
• World Building
• Transmedia
• Script Consultation & Editing

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