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Since his childhood, Karl Kaufmann was interested in storytelling and filmmaking. He won his first film festival awards as a teenager. He graduated as a film author at the de’ Medici Arts Institute. He worked in fairs/exhibitions on four continents, gathered “raw material” i.e. inspiration for his stories, and satiated his anthropological interests besides being a lifelong researcher in metaphysics—the content of what would become his projects. He directed many shorts, a pilot, two features which went on the worldwide festival route, one aired.

Here’s the five-minute presentation of his TV dramedy series project his agent got ecstatic about https://videourl1.co/4ecd30

This is a visual resume https://www.everlinks.io/author/karl-kaufmann about his activities during the pandemic. 

The novel he is working on https://videourl1.co/31e802

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