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Julien’s message of spreading positivity can be found in all of his work. Born in Queens New York, and oldest of four siblings Julien took on the responsibility to be a leader early. After 10 years of age Julien and his family moved to Bethlehem, PA where he would go on to complete all of his schooling and earn his BS in Marketing at DeSales University. In college, Julien immersed himself in the arts and took every opportunity he had to get involved to host events and social media takeovers. Julien is a determined go-getter with tunnel vision but still is a kid at heart who makes time for fun. As a former collegiate track and field athlete, Julien still possesses his competitive nature and applies it to his everyday routine. After college Julien took on the big apple working in corporate ad sales in Manhattan, NY. Aside from his day job, Julien continues to create new content for his passion projects. His mission for his digital series, Adventures with Julien is to bring communities together through positivity. His mission for his podcast, Chillin with Julien is to interview inspiring individuals to inspire others. He also is the founder of JFG Media Productions where the mission is to produce positive and inspirational content. Julien creates content that tells stories, entertains, enlightens, and inspires. Julien aims not only to make a difference, but to inspire people to be greater versions of themselves. He identifies himself as just a kid from Queens chasing his dreams.

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