Jordan Drayer

Van Nuys , California

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I’ll give you three perspectives: me as a persona, me as a voice actor, and me as a physical human.


Me: Born in Houston, childhood in Las Vegas, adolescence and college in Orlando and Tallahassee, 3 years in Dallas, and now in Los Angeles, I’m quite an American haha. I love travel and have been to many countries. Nerd and gamer (especially of RPG’s); artist; lover of animals (especially cats and horses), languages, and most any food, adventurous, yet quiet and loyal. I listen much more than I talk. I play French horn and guitar and was a music major.


Me as a voice actor: I use my background as a classical musician to achieve nuanced performance. You will see your copy brought to life and your brand elevated. You also get someone easy to direct; now you’re the conductor! Detail-oriented, I delivers the formats and style you require. Having a high quality home studio offering ipDTL, I can meet you wherever you are in the world! Voice traits include articulate, female millenial, sarcastic, warm, conversational, sexy, sultry, older sister, and more. Age range, 8-35 years. Accents, I learn easily, and include several English accents such as Yorkshire and Cockney, Australian, Russian, French, Japanese, Punjab, and many American ones. I speak French well enough that one Parisian local mistook me for one of them “or at least Canadian.” My own voice is a neutral American accent, no real hints of anything strong.


As far as physical attributes, I’m 5’2″, average weight, Eastern European looking face, hazel eyes, olive skin, small bust, curvy figure, wide hips. 

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