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John is the Founder and CEO of Arctic Star Productions, LLC, which currently has a feature-length RomCom in Development with another major Production Company.


Arctic Star Productions, LLC has Three Divisions: Film, Music, and Art, and is based in Chicago, IL with a presence in Los Feliz, CA and Franklin, TN.


The Film Division (Arctic Star Films) specializes in RomCom, SciFi, Thriller, and based-on-a-true-story Fiction.


The Music Division (TwinStar Music) is eclectic, encompassing everything, and anything, from Rock to Rap.


The Art Division (Arcturus Art) tilts toward the avant-garde.


Johnson attended the University of Hawaii, then obtained his Master’s Degree from Chicago State University.  In a previous incarnation he was a professional musician: playing guitar, piano, bass, and singing lead vocal.  John toured extensively in The States and has also toured Japan.

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