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Los Angeles , California






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Was named one of Americas most Watchable Men on the Phil Donahue Show by Suzy Mallory (President of Manwatchers International). Recruited by The Chippendales and The Ford Agency in NY. Raced Motocross and is an avid Bodysurfer. Professional Model for many years before going into acting.
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  • Surfs up baby, its time to hit the beach! Here’s the trailer for a little Cult film I worked on during Covid. Releasing in June. Its silly, crazy and full of bizarre antics. Check out my Cameo in “Killer Waves 2”.

  • Update: Just heard in the last 2 weeks news of some of my upcoming projects. One is tentatively set to Lens this summer in the Mid West, another later this year on the East coast and a third in the Winter of 2024. Stay tuned, I will give more details as I receive them, thanks for all your support.