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I am a public school teacher and one of the subjects I teach is reading. I was called into my VP office and ask to teach the 15 students that were failing 3 or more classes, shortly before the 2nd 9 weeks, a few days. I ended up teaching to this group for a 2 block of reading, history, learning strategies, and life skills, I have been told a few times (each time I read from one student all the way throughout 2nd, 3rd and then 4th 9 weeks.) that I should do voice over for the book. I always just said thank you, I am glad you think my voice is nice. I am still not sure how it happens, but I got challenged by my all 15 of my ESE students. That if all of them, scored 20 more on the state reading test, then I would do voice-over work for books. So here I am trying to sell myself to you to keep my part of the bargain. I have now done a total of 20 voice for books, almost one a month, and 8 of them at on sale now. I like this story as it shows both the students and the teacher be inspired to do things they both would not have done. I am still doing them because there is fun to do, do not pay much, but still fun. I am Certified in FL, GA, CAl, AP US History College braid, and working on Studio teacher Certification. What I really want to do is be set/studio teacher, but as with most profession in entertainment, it seems I will be able to do just that and make enough to for the whole year. Until I really make it as a studio teacher, I will also have to be a voice actor, actor, Extra, and grip.

Training: Acting Out Studios: Acting for Film & TV, The Actor’s group Orlando, The Art’s Sake organic film, Sak comedy Lab (All Seminar.), MA in Education: the University of Phoenix, BA in History.

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