Jody-Lynn Reicher

Midland Park , New Jersey


Self-Defense Coach, LMT-NJ, Corporate Finance/Accounting


Personal Bio

Jody-Lynn has completed seven screenplays of varying genres in the past eleven months. As well, one treatment for an action feature film. In those above-mentioned screenplays, three are teleplay pilots. One has twenty to thirty episodes already written for a mini-series. Currently, she is formatting it into a screenplay version. Jody-Lynn is working on five other screenplays, as she runs her therapy business, raising her two children. Jody-Lynn Reicher has had nine books published, eight published between October 2014 December 2019. She has a corporate business background, was a U.S. Marine. As well, Jody-Lynn has a professional athletic background in three sports, including MMA fighting.

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