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J’Dvonte, born as Jeremy Devonta Ferguson is an American Actor/Musician, known for his roles on shows such as “Walk of Shame Shuttle (2015), MTV Copycat(2014), Queen & Slim(2019) and so forth. Along with the the passion of acting he’s also a singer/songwriter/musician, accumulated the wide spread of over 12 instruments. J’Dvonte is a native of Mississippi, born in Memphis, TN on the 30th of November to ground roots in Winona.┬áLike many music lovers of his generation, J’Dvonte has a passion for blending both elements of emotional songwriting an atmospheres of artistry. Influences such as, John Legend, Jazmine Sullivan and many more of all genres and background. While admiring the visceral beats and dynamic rhythms of a new age with old fills, producers of all sorts is also implemented, which makes J’Dvonte uniquely equipped.

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