Guillermo Ramon

Macon , Georgia




Personal Bio

The best expression of my writing is script writing, but I also love plays. In fact, I acted in several plays in Miami. I do not consider myself an actor, but I enjoy the experience. It makes me understand what actors feel when they bring my characters to life. I had two stage plays produced. It is an incredible experience to see who my characters become when directors and actors interpret them. My play Requiem was produced twice, with two different casts. It is the same play both times, but the interpretation makes it feel different and unique. I inserted a line at the beginning of the play, INT. PSYCHOLOGIST OFFICE – DAY. Then, I submitted it as a single scene film script to the SENE film festival. Requiem got 4rth place finalist as a film script. Another one of my scripts, The Rebel Princes was a top finalist at the Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival, and a selection at the Beverly Hills Film festival.

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