Gary Kennedy

Luzerne , Michigan


Personal Bio

I want to save you time . . . no B.S.  I’m a retired public employee (investigator) with no published fictional works, contest wins, nor purchased or reserved works.  I am, and would be, a “shot in the dark” for any producer, agent, etc…..


If you’ve moved on to this paragraph I thank you for the opportunity and/or just your plain curiosity.  I’m a hard worker and a team player.  I’ve been that way my whole life.  I’ve learned how to get along with just about anyone.  I’m a trained mediator and negotiator – part of my government job duties.  In my early days I was a professional musician (drums).  In fact, and this is just wishful speculation on my part, the solo performed at the end of “Whiplash” was my feature solo to caravan.  The single stroke lead-up to the finale I performed for over thirty years.  Perhaps J. K. Simmons and some of his Detroit Tiger pals may recall – Houghton Lake, Michigan perhaps.


I love to create.  I love to write.  I came across my first and second grade report cards recently.  Both teachers commented on how I like to write stories.  I missed my calling, for sure.  I’m hoping it’s not to late.


What I have are some good stories/scripts . . . high concept and very commercial.  Two confined horror scripts, a comedy with elements of my college fraternity days, two holiday-themed scripts, a sitcom related to Hockey, a television drama with a complete bible (the second episode is nearly finished) and a WWII drama.  I’m currently working on a science fiction script with an unusual take on answering the ultimate question of “Why are we here?”  All good if I modestly say for myself.


I could be that old diamond in the rough or just an old fart with an unobtainable bucket list.  Perhaps you can take a chance on me.  But I understand it if you can’t, for sure.  Time is money and can’t be wasted.  That’s coming from a guy who’s wasted both.  But the way I look at my writing,  I love to do it.  So even if nothing ever comes of it, I’ve had a great time.





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