Deputy Director, California Film Commission & Instructor, USC School of Cinematic Arts

Studio City , California

Film Commission Exec. & Film School Instructor



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Eve has been the Deputy Director of the California Film Commission since 2013.  Before that, the primary focus of her career was production, as she worked on features and television, in various staff positions and every freelance capacity from PA to line producer.  She was associated with companies such as DreamWorks and Legendary Pictures and worked on films such as Titanic, Just Married and Tropic Thunder.


Since 1999, Eve has been teaching a six-week summer course she created for USC’s School of Cinematic Arts entitled Breaking Into The Film Industry.  Through this class, she found a passion for teaching students the practical aspects of the business and giving them the tools they need to start and grow a career – lessons that took her years to learn the hard way. 


She is the author of The Complete Film Production Handbook (now in its fourth edition).  Used by both industry professionals and students, it provides a step-by-step guide to setting up and running a production.  Her second book, HOLLYWOOD DRIVE is based on her USC summer course and was written for newcomers to the biz as well as for those already working in the industry who want to move their careers to the next level.


As Deputy Director, Eve provides production assistance; works closely with the CFC’s state partners (Caltrans, State Parks, CalFIRE, etc.); reviews model film ordinances, regulatory matters and legislation affecting the entertainment industry; encourages film-friendly practices statewide; works with a network of more than 40 regional film commissioners; coordinates the annual Film in California Conference and promots production and production jobs throughout the state.


She founded and ran the Los Angeles-based non-profit organization Film Industry Network (2000-2008) and is a member of the Producers Guild of America. 

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