Dr Lucas Dyer

Rancho Santa Margarita , California




Personal Bio

Dr. Lucas Dyer currently works for Amazon as a Senior Program Manager-
Talent Development. Prior to coming to Amazon, Lucas spent 20 years
within the government sector where he served as an United States Marine,
as well as six years working for the Department of Defense as a Terrorism
Lucas has numerous professional publications to include a book about his
experiences in combat fighting in Afghanistan; which he is currently working to get this into a screen play to one day have a shot at making his book a movie. Residing in sunny Southern
California; an USC alum, Combat Veteran, published author and proud
father of two incredible kids, ages six and eight; which his son has had small roles starring in This is Us, Juicy (Pilot) and A Beautiful Boy, starring Steve Carell. He has done it all.

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