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Hi, I’m Demetrius McVey. I’m from Tampa, Florida (same as Angela Bassett and Sarah Paulson) and I’m 19 years old. I want to get into the world of acting, singing, and entertainment in general. Everyone always tells me how funny I am and how I have the best fashion, how I should have my own reality show, etc. People always ask me where I get my clothes from and I’m known for knowing where to find expensive looking stuff for cheap prices. I\With that being said, I would like to dabble in ambassadorship and reality TV as well, but that would just be the start. The end goal is being on someone’s big screen, filming movies in Hollywood, and winning Grammys. I wouldn’t mind being known as that singer/actor who used to be on that crazy reality MTV show who everyone loved to hate though. Whatever I have to do to get my start, I’m willing. TV, movies, and music have always helped me get through tough times. Whenever I was depressed or angry, I turned on my Netflix or Spotify to escape from the world in my lonely room, even for just one episode or one song. I want to be that avenue for someone else. Create an album that they listen to every time they’re upset or need to dance. Be a part of a movie or TV show as a character with problems that they may be able to relate to. I want that for others because I’ve seen how much it’s helped me get through things in my life that I’m not sure I would’ve gotten through without my favorite movies, shows, and songs.

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