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I was born in 1968 in Spain. I started with video and TV in 1994, developing video projects of all kinds (from music video clips to advertising spots) until 2000. In 2015, I founded TransReal360, a production company of VR/XR immersive projects, closing it in 2019.

Bio highlights:
1994/96: TV series about youth, arts and cultural content for local television


1994/96: Organization of I, II and III ‘Badtaste’ Cycles of Horror Movies for the International Film Festival of Gijón

1997:  Script and production design of the feature film “La Feria de los Inmortales”, selected as Media Europe eligible project

1998:  Documentary “Learning to walk” about local city architecture

1999:  Live broadcast of music festival’ concerts

2015:  Demo pilot on 360o video of the VR fiction series ‘ÁNIMA’ (7 awards). Project and screenplay officially selected at Los Angeles’ New Media Film Festival 2019

2016:  360o video for the #NiPasoNiMePaso campaign (300k signatures) on change.org against school bullying

2017:  Winner of the hackathon by Fundación Telefónica ‘Openfuture_ VR Challenge’

2018:  360o Video Experience ‘The Mondoñedo Valley’ (2 awards)

2019:  Speaker at TEDTalks event TEDxMondoñedo

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