Collette Legault Snoonian

Sherwood Forest , California

Crew / Production


Production Coordinator/Manager


Personal Bio

Collette Legault is a wearer of many hats and is currently a writer, wife and partially sane parent of two daughters. She’s from a wicked cool town in the Northeast where she never fully recovered from the sight of her father gardening in a Speedo.


At UMass, Amherst, she met Eric Caparulo, who became the inspiration for her script, Heavy. Eric described his childhood as, “Fat Albert meets half of the Brady Bunch, except the Bunch is on welfare, lives in a Puerto Rican neighborhood and Mrs. Brady is high most of the time.” His inspirational story is what guided her passion to write.


Collette graduated with a BA and went on to receive a Master of Arts degree with a focus in television production from Emerson College.  She escaped to Los Angeles to pursue a career in television where she worked as a production manager for scripted and unscripted shows. She now works on the occasional TV production and writes scripts that she hopes will inspire and move her audience.

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