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I’m Cody Cowell,

I was born and raised in Manhattan Beach, California. The youngest of 3 boys, I was the runt of the litter growing up among-st my brothers and friends. I was barely 5 feet tall entering high school and was surrounded by giants and very intimidated because everyone seemed larger than life to me.
I grew up in the sunny location of the beach cities,

I enjoyed a variety of outdoor activities and sports, such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, martial arts, and football. I could be found climbing trees, throwing water balloons, playing tag on the streets and parks around my neighborhood and always going to the the beach with my friends and jumping into the ocean with my boogie board or just to go body surfing and frequently went camping with family and friends.

I suffered a number of injuries during my growth stages, including several broken bones, multiple dislocations, concussions, fainting and severe growing pains. I even fell dangerously ill and had a number of near-death experiences.


Through all these challenges, I fought back with drive, determination, focus and appreciation for life and all that it had to offer.
I always loved escaping through movies and was very passionate about acting out parts in the films I enjoyed, breathing life into the characters that impacted me. I realized, that I had a natural talent and passion for acting early on in my life and tried but found out quickly that I was not ready to go for my dream just yet.
I had a huge awakening from a devastating life/family experience and decided to fully engross myself into acting and charge after my dream of being a full-time working actor and didn’t know where to start, so without any pictures / resume or any help / guidance, I wrote a paragraph describing myself physically and what I felt my best qualities are and found a site and started to submit myself for a variety of roles and presently I’ve acted in over 50 films and now signed onto a number of feature films that are in pr-production and more to come in the following years and I’m on the verge of achieving my dream of being a full-time working actor and my most recent achievement is, 

I am officially a Sag / Aftra actor !!! 
I finally had my growth spurt and grew 1 foot during high school and 4 inches and gained over 100 pounds through and out of college and have a deep resonating voice and now stand at 6’4″ – 245 lbs and I’ve excelled in a number of sports and competed in Soccer, Martial Arts and went on and played Pro Beach Volleyball.

I really like to immerse myself and go deep into character and be challenge by going outside my comfort zone to fully embody the traits physically, emotionally, energetically and breathe life into the characters I live, for the entire shoot.

I am a very proud father of 2 amazing children that I love and adore with all my heart and continue to live in Manhattan Beach, Ca which I call home,

Thank you for taking the time to read my Bio and I look forward to meeting you and working with you,

Cody Cowell

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