Chris K Lieber

Orange , California








Personal Bio

Chris Lieber has produced a diverse offering of narrative works including the award winning shorts Hood Bruthas and Siren. Other projects include Easy and the original Hangman short movie. Chris has also directed several projects including The Box and the Hangman Lives proof of concept pilot. He is developing a number of projects including Monstrocity, Hood, a feature based on the Hood Bruthas short, the Merton Clivette documentary and The Convict Lake Story. Chris graduated with an MBA in Information Technology Management from the Merage School of Business and a BS in Finance from SDSU and is a Certified Management Accountant.

Latest Activity

  • Sci-Fi Television show in development. Pitch Deck, Trailer and Script complete. Currently seeking to get more info on potential show runners who could be approached with this TV/OTT opportunity.

    Does anyone have some ideas on where I might get some info on this? Right now we are in the process of building out our database of potential show…[Read more]