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jSanta Fe , New Mexico



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With 20+ completed screenplays and TV scripts, Chris Candelario writes a variety of genres including these finished scripts:


Preproduction with the vignuette movie – 1. Blitz – Blitz & D’adario fall in love with German shepherd dogs, chess, classical guitar, and photography (romantic comedy – a short); 2.  Prison Riot – true story of the worst prison riot in modern US history (drama); 3. C h i c a – in San Salvador, 7-year old Chica sees her mother gunned down by MS-13 and alone she journeys north to the United State to search of her American father (based on a series of actual events – drama)


With two TV news Emmys™, Candelario’s “The Oogs” is a Hollywood Hills Screenplay award winner, and his “Ark*Star” was accepted into Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival. / 505-379-3899 m/t

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  • any film producers from anywhere, want to work on a feature in New Mexico (in 2021)? Of course when it’s safe to go back to production.

  • Short Scripts Wanted – Besame Mucho Cinemas LLC is accepting script shorts 10 pgs. to 20 pgs. Send <31-word logline and <301-word synopsis in pdf and with WGA and/or ©'ed with ref.#. All genres accepted except XXX and no raunchy language or bathroom humor. Subject: "Script Short" to: