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Brian McCarthy

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I’m not a trained writer per se. I learned and taught myself through the guidance and direction of several mentors and people I’ve met in the industry. I focus on Horror and Thrillers. I have a few Drama’s and Coming of Age completed scripts as well. I’ve written aggressively for the last few years. Retired once Covid hit and began writing scripts based on my life’s experiences, friends, travels, and family. I’ve been blessed with an adventurous life – more crazy than adventurous but exciting either way. My portfolio has developed +/-12 completed scripts, about the same in varying levels of completion and several more in note form. Plenty to do. Been pitching and meeting and pitching some more trying to get something optioned, sold, or at least get representation. 

The goal is to see one or more of these scripts become movies and watch them with friends up on the screen,

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