Ben Andrew Bonham

Wilmington , North Carolina

Art / Production Design


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As long as Ben can remember, he has always had a passion in the arts. His earliest memories of art consisted of making stop motion stick figures in church on a pad of sticky notes, and playing guitar with his father and friends. As Ben was entering his college years, he became very passionate in filmmaking.  Ben has worked on many films taking diverse roles from acting to directing. Ben has taken part in the 48 Hour Film Project for the past 5 years, worked as sound mixer on Shannon Silva’s film, Shoot The Duck, and worked on a number of student films while enrolled at UNCW. Ben was a part of Visions FF&C staff as the lead party technician and Video Race coordinator.  Now that Ben is about to graduate from UNCW with bachelor in film studies, and a minor in digital art, he is confident he made the right decision. Ben believes every individual has the capability to change the world and that is what Ben hopes to achieve through the power of art, music, and film.  

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