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Los Angeles , California







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With a background in production at NYU Tisch, Annie has worked in film finance, packaging, and sales at ICM Partners and in the literary department at Innovative Artists agency. She has worked in acquisitions & international marketing and distribution at Solstice Studios. She actively consults on film, television, and digital projects.

With over fifteen years of experience in the entertainment industry, Annie integrates her unique point of view on story, cinematography, directing, and producing, as well as marketing and distribution. Splitting her time between NY and LA, Annie has dedicated her professional career to facilitating independent film, television, and digital content.

Annie is committed to wielding diversified industry knowledge and critical business analysis to successfully produce, market, and distribute films in the ever-evolving, global marketplace. She is currently contracting and consulting on a variety of entertainment studio and independent content projects, while simultaneously growing several independent entertainment and business endeavors.

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