Anja Knebl

Los Angeles , California



Personal Bio
My name is Anja Knebl, I am a highly trained film and television actress in the Los Angeles area seeking representation. My training includes working with talented teachers such as, but not limited to:
– Bernard Hiller (Who said “She’s going to be a star”)
– Joseph Pearlman
– Amy Lyndon (currently working with weekly)
– Bob Corff 
    With this and much more training I have been cast as the starring role in the Independent feature film, Beware The Lake (2017) as well as starring in many more high budget short films and most recently a new web series currently in pre-production due to the virus. 
My diverse skills include:
-Ice Skating (with over six years training competitively)
-Fire Dancing
-Dog Sledding
-Pole Dancing
A couple things about me:
           -Driven and hard working
           -Very loyal and reliable (flaky is not an option)
           -Film trivia expert
           -Low maintenance

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