Short Film & Pilot Call for Entries! Win £1 Million Prize to Fund the Feature or Series Based on Your Short Film – That Film Festival Berlin!

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Hi everyone,


Here’s info on the CALL FOR ENTRIES for THAT FILM FESTIVAL – with a grand prize of up to

£1 MILLION FILM FUNDING to turn your Short Film or Pilot into a Feature or Series!


As always, there’s a great discount for on Submission Fees- details are below!


Feel free to forward if you know someone who might be interested!


Good luck, have a great day, and don’t forget to dream big!




Jeffrey R. Gund

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That Film Festival Berlin is now accepting SHORT FILM & PILOT SUBMISSIONS in all categories!


Are you ready to make the move from short films to full features (or pilot to series) while gaining great exposure to industry decision makers who matter?


We are seeking Short Film submissions (between 3 and 30 minutes) and Pilot submissions (up to 45 minutes) from the brightest undiscovered filmmaking talent for our Berlin Showcase.  All contestants will be in with a chance of winning our GRAND PRIZE, unrivaled in the world of short filmmaking:


£1,000,000 (over $1,200,000!)


•  Equity financing
•  Post-production support from Oscar and BAFTA winners Twickenham Studios and The Unit
•  Sales and Distribution support from Carnaby International
•  Marketing support from The Agency 
•  Theatrical release for your film, or worldwide sales and release of your series
•  10-part documentary series following your journey



–  Each successful submission will be screened in front of a panel of industry experts and lead investors.

–  This panel will select five winners who will then be pooled against the other winners from our showcases in Cannes, London, and Marbella held earlier in the year.

–  The final winner of Season 2 (2019)  will be announced in London on February 13th, 2020.

–  The final winner of Season 3 (2019)  will be announced in London in February 2021.



Drinks reception

Networking events

Guest speakers (the keynote speaker at our recent London Showcase was the multi-award winning British cinematic legend Mike Leigh)




That Film Festival is backed and sponsored by Oscar & BAFTA winning Twickenham Studios, whom over 100 years have post produced blockbusters such as Bohemian Rhapsody, The Italian Job, Baby Driver, Goodbye Christopher Robin, The Martian, and many more.  Twickenham Studios is supporting the £1million film funding prize by offering an additional post production budget and use of their studio with their award winning team.


The prize also includes international sales & distribution from award winning Carnaby International who are the team behind Silent Witness, Rise of the Footsoldier & A Lonely Place to Die.  The Agency who are the award winning marketing team behind BAFTA winning BROS documentary ‘After The Screaming Stops’, White Island & Rise of the Footsoldier will be offering the lucky winner website design and a year’s worth of digital & event marketing.


That Film Festival is a new age festival but backed by brands, film investors, and industry professionals who have been in the circuit for over 150 years combined.  We aim to discover unique talent in a different way and give film makers the opportunity, platform and team to fast track their success. 


Film Maker David Cohen from London was crowned our winner for 2018, and has already started development on making his short into a feature.  His journey has kicked off with a tour and dinner with the Twickenham Studio team, and they are currently working on script & development.  David’s entire film making process will be covered in a 6 part docu-series which will be released in 2020.


Do you think you could be the next game changing film director? 


SUBMIT NOW – Final Deadline for submissions is February 10th, 2020.


We cannot wait to see the films you have worked so hard on, and we cannot wait to meet you in Berlin!



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Use special discount code INFOTENOFF to get 10% OFF on Submission Fees at the submission link below:


We look forward to receiving your submissions!



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