Make Sure Your Vote Counts – and Make Sure You Vote! Find Your Polling Place & Track Your Ballot!

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Hi everyone,


The Election is getting close – NOW is the time to make plans on how and where you’re voting, so you can MAKE SURE YOUR VOTE COUNTS!


EVERYONE needs to vote – even if you think you’re in a “doesn’t matter anyway, because my state is already overwhelmingly blue/red, etc.” – WHICHEVER SIDE YOU ARE ON, due to the potential for a contested election, it’s extremely important that whoever wins does so by a landslide, to reduce chances of a dispute – so make sure YOU vote, and make sure YOUR FRIENDS vote!


I also want to HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you do so either by an OFFICIAL DROP BOX in advance, or in person at a local POLLING PLACE.  I’d like to encourage you to NOT vote by mail if you don’t need to, as putting as little strain on the Postal Service as possible will help the greatest amount of votes get counted, as some states have varying dates on when the ballots must be received by in order to be counted.


Two good sites to help you determine locations for In-Person Polling Places and Drop Boxes are:


If you vote by mail or by drop box, you can TRACK YOUR VOTE to confirm it has been counted (and take steps to correct things if it hasn’t) – information is also available at the sites above.



21 states currently offer “Same Day Registration” which allow voters who are not registered to register and vote even AFTER the main voter registration deadline (usually even on the day of the election – California is one of them, and this site will help you determine details for your state nationwide:


If you’re using a Drop Box, I recommend voting as soon as possible – that will give you time to track your ballot to make sure it was counted, and take measures to fix any errors if for some reason your vote didn’t show up.


FINAL NOTE:  And, while I generally keep my own personal politics off this site, I do want to bring a very important issue to light that affects virtually everyone in this country who either HAS, or KNOWS SOMEONE WHO HAS any of the following conditions:

#asthma #arthritis #allergies #cancer #highbloodpressure #diabetes #covid19 #heartproblems #highcholesterol #obesity #depression #mentalhealthissues #musculardystrophy #shingles #enlargedprostate #gout #birthdefects  – AND NUMEROUS OTHER CONDITIONS THAT WILL BECOME “PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS” – and removed from coverage by insurance companies – leaving a huge percentage of the population out to dry.


One party is currently in court trying to remove coverage of all pre-existing conditions from our healthcare, and one party is fighting to keep it.  This will have major consequences for YOU and/or a FAMILY MEMBER or SOMEONE YOU CARE ABOUT – you absolutely need to do your own research and determine who that makes you want to vote for – because this will have a major impact on the lives of just about everyone.




Good luck, have a great day, and don’t forget to dream big!  And definitely don’t forget to VOTE!




Jeffrey R. Gund

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