INFOLIST 3.0 Is Here! NEW: Targeted Networking • Advanced Profile Search • Geo-Location Based Networking • Pre/Post-Event Networking • And More!

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Hi everyone,




We’ve got some AMAZING NEW FEATURES that will help you make connections and meet the right people so you can achieve your creative dreams!



Targeted Networking – lets you search and find the right people who have what you’re looking for – and makes sure they know what you have to offer as well!

•  Advanced Profile Search – let’s you hone in on a refined search with keywords when you’re looking for something specific – really great for casting directors who are casting for a specific role!

•  Geo-Location Based Networking – let’s you find people in your area – or in a specific city, or anywhere in the country!

•  Member Activity – make posts so everyone can see what you’re up to!

•  Messaging – Connect directly with other InfoList members!


•  EVENT PROFILE SEARCH (let’s you find people who will be attending a specific event (such as our upcoming Pre-Oscars Soiree!) so you can make plans in advance to connect at the event, or follow up afterwards if there’s someone you missed while you were there!




•  Be sure to indicate if you will be attending an event (on the event page for that event) so others can reach out to you in advance to make sure you connect in person at the event – and also so you can follow up with others afterwards!


•  Existing Members – Be sure to Edit Your Profile and Update to include the Networking Info section – so others can find you to offer you opportunities! 


•  When setting up your Profile Page, be sure to:

–  Include a brief bio so people know a bit about you

–  Fill out the Networking Info section so others can offer you opportunities (and so others will be more open to accepting your requests!)

–  Even If you’re NOT an actor (or especially if you are!) – we post many commercial castings for “Real People” (non-actors with no acting experience, but who’s real-life experience meets a certain criteria – such as people who love their dog for a dog food commercial, people who use tech in interesting ways for an Apple commercial, etc.) – these can pay very, very well – so I highly recommend submitting for them if you meet the criteria – as we’ve cast many commercials for major companies such as Apple, Google, Disney, Verizon, major restaurant chains, major car companies, social networks, tech companies, fashion brands, etc.  And a good way to be considered for these is to ADD MANY KEYWORDS to your profile (these are private, so only you can see them, or just the Pro Members who search for that specific keyword will see the match for only that keyword), so I recommend setting keywords such as the brand of car you drive, if you have a pet, and what kind, words that describe your interests (such as gamer, foodie, etc.), lifestyle, and any other words that describe you or make you stand out – so our casting directors who are looking for people for the next big commercial can find you easily, and offer you great-paying roles!


•  Visit the Profiles tab to see new and existing members, or use the Networking tab to search for profiles based on your specific criteria – you can search by name, profession, geo-location, and more! (and don’t worry, your Privacy settings control what people can see!)


•  And if you’re interested in Networking – I highly recommend attending our InfoList Red Carpet Events (such as our upcoming Pre-Oscars Soiree!) – these are truly unique events – nowhere else can you be in the same room with so many A-List Industry Names from blockbuster films, top TV shows, music, fashion, and major influencers, as well as working professionals (who you don’t know their name, but you know all the films and shows they work on!) – unless you’re at a major convention (and paying a LOT more!) to meet these people.  But even then, at a convention, you frequently stand in line for a long time, just for a quick 15-second interaction with someone A-List (if security hasn’t already ushered them backstage before you even get there).  At InfoList events, you get to hang with them in a relaxed, fun atmosphere, and make a real connection!


•  Want to see PHOTOS, VIDEO & HIGHLIGHTS from Previous InfoList Events?  From the Home Page, just go to the INFOLIST NEWS tab!


So… LOG IN to your account (or create one if you’re not already a member!), SET UP YOUR PROFILE to take advantage of all the networking and job opportunities, and CONNECT with other InfoList Members!


Good luck, have a great day, and don’t forget to dream big!




Jeffrey R. Gund

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