How to Finance Your Film or Project by CrowdFunding – A Workshop at CBS Radford Studios

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Hi everyone,

Here’s info on a great seminar on how


CROWDFUNDING – with crowdfunding experts Jodie

Bentley, Nathan Reid, and Justin


A not-to-be-missed event for

producers, writers,

directors, singers,

musicians, creators,

entrepreneurs, and ANYONE who wants to raise money by


As always, there’s a great

discount for

(only $25!) – details are below!

Good luck, have a great day, and

don’t forget to dream big!


Jeffrey R.

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SATURDAY, September 30th, 2017

9am – 12 noon


CBS Radford Studios

4024 Radford


Studio City, CA 91604

You’ve got the killer film project. Now

it’s time to finance it.  So the question really is: How do you raise

the money you need for your creative project by inspiring those around you to

reach into their pockets… with no begging at all necessary?

Learn how from people who have

already done it successfully!

Here’s how crowdfunding too

often looks (but shouldn’t!):

Step #1)  You

upload your video and info on one of the many crowdfunding website


Step #2)  You start plugging

like mad to your mom, dad, friends from college, high school, elementary

school, the guys from band camp, your neighbors upstairs, your sister’s

ex-fiance’s highschool girlfriend’s cousin, the Boy Scouts, the guy who owns

the liquor store on your block (because you know him well), and your dog

Sparkie. (You know he has a secret stash somewhere.)

Step #3)  You plug your

project… Stress… hold your breath… plug again… plug some more…

Stress… beg… beg… BEG!!!!  Crowdfunding endsäó_ and you still may

not have hit your goal.

Crowdfunding can be overwhelming,

confusing and stressful.  Very stressful.  It’s a mad dash in

a short span of time to grab the largest amount of money that has ever come to

you in a single sitting, all on the backs of those you know. Some can’t wait to

help.  Others can’t wait for you to stop hounding them.

But there is a better, more effective

way to do crowdsourcing – and actually hit your funding goals. This workshop

will show you how.

Who should attend:

Anyone who 1) wants to do a

crowdfunding campaign but hasn’t yet;  2) did one but didn’t reach the

goal; or 3) did one and was successful – but now has no idea how to replicate

that success.

By the end of this class you’ll



 How to build a team to MAXIMIZE your


*  What percentage of

return you can actually expect and how to INCREASE it

*  How to keep

momentum going through your ENTIRE campaign

*  How to play a bigger game

and raise your money threshold to ATTRACT INVESTORS

*  How to close the



Jodie Bentley, Nathan Reid &

Justin Giddings are crowdfunding experts who have each closed over $100K in

crowdfunding.  Their program has a 97% success rate and has helped

filmmakers raise over $750K

PLUS – this will be a great

networking event to meet other industry professionals!


FOR!! Be sure to use discount

code INFOLIST when you

register at the link below, and get $10 OFF!!

 That’s just $25 (normally $35!) for a morning with

a top industry professional!



We will fill up fast – be sure to use your

discount code INFOLIST to get

the special $25 price when you register at:

(Please note: Eventbrite

charges a small processing fee)


Bring something to take notes.


JODIE BENTLEY has become a master at all things sales and marketing.  She was Co-Founder and CEO of The Savvy Actor since 2007 and is currently the CEO of Accelerated Artist.  Armed with a BFA in Acting from NYUäó»s Tisch School of the Arts and an entrepreneurial spirit, she made her mark on the NY theater scene and then journeyed out west to take on the film industry.  In 2013, she co-founded Reinventing Films, with Nathan Reid, and they produced 3 films their first year as well as a best selling program on crowdfunding called Reinventing Crowdfunding.  Her passion is helping others get where they want to go with business mastery and she has clients globally.

NATHAN REID, an American Musical and Dramatic Academy graduate, has been acting, writing, and producing films for over 10 years.  In 2008, Nathan created Prey: The Beginning, a comic book franchise in which the first issue made the #3 of top ten sales for Independent comics.  In 2013, Nathan formed Reinventing Films with Jodie, and they had their first feature fully financed in under a month.  That feature, The Jokesters, has the sequel already in prep.  Nathan considers himself a mentor in the art of closing money and continues to expand his knowledge in the realm of financing.  Reinventing Films manual, a true crowdfunding creation, has helped artists raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for their projects and he continues to inspire artists to attain their dreams.

JUSTIN GIDDINGS is an award-winning filmmaker and actor whose work has been shown at festivals around the world. After starring in Lionsgate’s zombie comedy Bite Me, he went on to found Giddy Welshmen Productions with co-star Ryan Welsh.  Together, they’ve entered the Six-Figure Crowdfunding Club using the techniques found in the Reinventing Crowdfunding system.  With a specialty in social media marketing, Justin is now an integral part of keeping the system on the cutting edge.

There is a limited number of seats

available, and they’re sure to be snatched up quickly, so register




We will fill up fast – be sure to use your

discount code INFOLIST to get

the special $25 price when you register at:

(Please note: Eventbrite

charges a small processing fee)

For questions or more

information, please email us at:

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