FREE Class – Actors’ Authenticity, Marketing, and Image Identification: How to Be a Working Actor!!

Event Date January 5, 2022 @ 4pm - 6pm PST (7pm - 9pm EST)
Location ONLINE - so you can take it from ANYWHERE!
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Hi everyone,


Here’s info on a great FREE preview class coming up for ACTORS on Authenticity, Marketing & Image Identification – on how to go from just being a good actor, to being a WORKING actor.


Details are below – as always, there’s a great discount for if you decide to sign up for the full course (this Preview Class is FREE – and it’s full of great information!) – and feel free to forward if you know any actors!


I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about this class, so don’t miss this one!


Good luck, have a great day, and don’t forget to dream big!




Jeffrey R. Gund

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The Best and Most Successful Way to Begin 2022

Starts with YOU!

Sam Christensen Studios

invites YOU to Preview this Groundbreaking Image and Branding Class






*  Want to understand the things about you that are most castable?

*  Want to know how to make the most of those qualities?  *

*  Want to make the most of what people get from you?  *

*  Want to understand exactly how to market yourself so people are always responsive?  *


“The truth is , if you haven’t left an indelible impression of yourself in the room or on your self-tape, you will not be remembered 15 minutes after they meet you.”


I recently heard a casting director say this and after so much hard work getting a meeting, audition or self-tape, I know its the LAST THING you want to hear.  But its great advice and the truest thing you can tell an actor.



The unique person you were given at birth is never forgettable.  It’s dynamic and compelling and funny and intriguing and powerful and EVERYTHING you need to be the most working actor in the business.



The ability to be uniquely yourself – authentically and charismatically in all situations, even the stressful ones.



We will show you what this means, how to achieve this, and how to have marketing materials that reflect exactly who you are.


If you have not already attended a preview class – or perhaps attended one years ago – NOW is the time to join us!

Be one of more than 25, 000 working actors who have made The Sam Christensen Process a cornerstone of their success!




WEDNESDAY, January 5th, 2022

4pm – 6pm PST (7pm – 9pm EST)



So you can take it from ANYWHERE!


As we inch towards fully re-opening the world again, you have one of the greatest opportunities ahead of you – to define or redefine who you are in this industry.  So give them your full authentic self.  Because that is ALWAYS UNFORGETTABLE!


Everybody knows it takes talent, training, tenacity to be a working actor.  But working actors know it takes something more – The ability to be 100% yourself in headshots, interviews, and auditions.


It works – because our students are working.


The Sam Christensen Process is a self-contained marketing and image identification workshop.


There is no other such program available!


The actor who joins this class will:

*  Define a Marketable “Image”

*  Gain Confidence in Your Own Identity and Its Value in the Marketplace

*  Learn to Bring a “Signature” to Auditions & Performance

*  Develop a Personalized Marketing System

*  Gain Insight into the Entertainment Industry as both a Business and an Art Form


At this FREE PREVIEW we will talk about the lucky breaks that lead Sam to create this landmark personal branding system and how YOU can make that impression possible on future casting directors, agents and managers to BOOK MORE WORK!


Learn what being yourself really means and how we get you to a highly personal experience of you.  Learn why this process has been a game changer for more than 20,000 actors.


This class will be led by Ken Cortland, co-founder of Sam Christensen Studios, and Matthew Cornwall and Brooke Taylor, who together head the SCS Atlanta Center.


Past Clients Include:

Zooey Deschanel, Minka Kelly, Drew Carey, Casper Van Dien, Jeff Davis, Tyra Banks, Tasha Smith, Zuleikha Robinson, Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland, Matt Jones, Lesly Jones, Will Wheaton, Barby Esme, Lisa Vanderpump, and thousands of working actors (additional testimonials on our website!)


COST:  FREE! (woo-hoo!!)

Location:  Zoom!  So you can take it from ANYWHERE!



Be sure to mention when you register for the FREE class, and you’ll get 15% OFF if you decide to take the full course!!



Please click the link below to register for the FREE Preview Class (Weds., January 5th at 4pm PST (7pm EST)) and be sure to mention you heard about this from Jeff Gund at to be eligible to receive 15% OFF tuition if you decide to take the full course!




“”Right after the workshop I got called for an audition.  I thought about the character and my essence’s and how leaning into one of the essence statements, felt right.  I allowed that essence to be present in my audition while still being completely me and voila, I booked it.””

     — Ben Corns – “Riverdale


“A totally transformative experience that has made me a much better actor.  If you’re serious about getting to the essence of who you are as a person—and as an actor, I highly recommend the Sam Christensen Imaging Process.”

     — Mark Pettit, Actor


“Since I’ve worked with you I’ve been cast in 12 film and TV roles! Totally a by-product of this wisdom!!”

     — Terry Dale ParksJustified, Homeland, When The Game Stands Tall


“Thank you so much. I have my conversational vocabulary on my phone and I use it every time I have to build a new character (including Ruby in “Middle of Nowhere”).  So your process is part of my process.”

     — Emayatzy CorinealdiSpirit Nominee, Middle of Nowhere


“I have been working non-stop since I took this class.  Now, I have my own production company.”

     — Danica McKellarHow I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory





Please click the link below to register for the FREE Preview Class (Tues., November 2nd at 4pm PST (7pm EST)) and be sure to mention you heard about this from Jeff Gund at to be eligible to receive 15% OFF tuition if you decide to take the full course!




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