FREE Acting Master Class for Actors & Directors – Live Online with Top Director / Producer / Acting Coach Tom Todoroff!

Event Date May 16, 2023 @ 4pm - 6pm PST (7pm - 9pm EST)
Location Online - so you can attend from ANYWHERE!
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Hi everyone,


Here’s info on a great FREE MASTERCLASS FOR ACTORS & DIRECTORS – with renowned acting coach/director/producer Tom Todoroff!


Exclusive for – Be sure to use the exclusive link below to register, and get almost 30% OFF if you attend any of his regular paid classes!


Tom Todoroff has coached numerous top actors including Liam Neeson, Samuel Jackson, Harrison Ford, Dakota Johnson, Brendan GleesonSasha Alexander, and more – so don’t miss this great opportunity to learn from one of the best!


Details are below – as always, feel free to forward if you know any actors!!


Good luck, have a great day, and don’t forget to dream big!




Jeffrey R. Gund

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So you can attend from ANYWHERE!


with Producer/Director/Acting Coach



TUESDAY, May 16th, 2023

4pm – 6pm PST (7pm-9pm EST)



*  Explore a powerful technique for breaking down any script and making dynamic performance choices immediately!
*  Discover The Physics of Performance and The 5 Main Reasons we go to see live performances!
Transform nervousness into intense excitement!
*  Realize how to be true to the writing, while also revealing yourself!
*  Strengthen and hone your true inner voice!
Think like a producer!
*  Integrate the four parts of vocal variation!
Be expressive rather than impressive!
*  Harness the power of the self-recorded audition!

        …and so much more!


This FREE Online Acting Master Class gives you first hand experience of the way Tom coaches and directs actors.  You will observe how this powerful work renders overwhelming and immediate transformations!


In this class, instruction is done by way of demonstration.  So attendees may volunteer to perform a 1-2 minute monologue and receive personalized coaching in front of the group!


Attendees are also welcome to observe only, if preferred!


Tom Todoroff has acted with, directed, produced, or coached:

Samuel L. Jackson, Harrison Ford, Liam Neeson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Tommy Lee Jones, Christina Ricci, Peter O’Toole, Josh Charles, Claire Danes, Lucas Haas, and Tony Goldwyn – to name a few!


Do you want to:
–  Feel relaxed, grounded and confident walking into every audition?
–  Discover a technique for crafting compelling performances with any script – even with NO time to prepare?
–  Expand your vocal range?
–  Trust your own point of view (stop second-guessing yourself)!
–  Develop authority of speech?
–  Find danger in your work?
–  Act at the speed of life?
–  Re-ignite your imagination and love for this craft?


Tom’s students range from the most accomplished TV, Film and Theater professionals, to passionate enthusiasts who are just beginning to explore the world of acting, directing and storytelling.  Tom is unparalleled in his ability to work with actors and speakers of all levels and transform them into powerful, dynamic and moving performers!


“Todoroff is the best; all you need is T.T.”

     — Samuel L. Jackson (Actor: “Pulp Fiction”, “Kill Bill 2”, “Unbreakable”, “Iron Man 1 & 2”, etc.)


“Tom’s care, sensitivity, and insight are second to none.”

     — Liam Neeson (Actor: “Schindler’s List”, “Batman Begins”, Kinsey”, “Taken”, “The Grey”, etc.)


“Tom is a force of nature. He’s that rare teacher who inspires you to surprise yourself.”

     — Tony Goldwyn (Actor: “Ghost,” “The Last Samurai,” “Scandal,” etc.)


“To be an actor is to be a fighter.  Mr. Todoroff is a real fighter. He has a brilliant facility for language and vulnerability, and by his example, teaches our class how to work.”

     — Stella Adler (Actor/Teacher/Author: Student and disciple of Stanislavski, actress with The Group Theater in the 1930s, leading teacher at the New School for Social Research, etc.)


“If I wanted to be an actor, Tom’s the guy.”

     — Alexander Payne (Writer/Director: Golden Globe, WGA Award & Oscar winner for “The Descendants”, “Sideways”, “About Schmidt”, “Election”, etc.)


About Tom Todoroff:

Tom is an NYC & LA-based producer, director, actor, and acting coach. He has coached actors around the world for over forty years including Liam Neeson, Harrison Ford, Sasha Alexander, Samuel L. Jackson, Brendan Gleeson, Bob Hoskins, Dakota Johnson, and Tony Goldwyn.  He trains actors live online every Saturday and Monday in The Workshop – which includes live weekly classes, an extensive library of recordings and resources, weekly voice & speech lessons with our faculty from Juilliard, Yale Drama, The Royal Shakespeare Company, University of Southern California, Broadway, Film, TV etc. – and much more!


INFO LIST members are invited to attend this free acting & auditioning Master Class on May 16th to experience Tom’s approach to coaching actors first hand!


Attendees may RSVP to OBSERVE or request to PERFORM and be coached 1 on1 by Tom during the class!


This class is an invitation to truly master a sophisticated yet simple skill set, a technology that will catapault you to a world of creativity and joy with the tools to manifest your dreams!



Be sure to use the Special Link below exclusively for when you register for the FREE MASTER CLASS,  and get almost 30% OFF if you register for his regular paid classes (for a limited time only – discount sign-ups provided at the live event)!



Be sure to use the exclusive link below, and register now for the May 16th Free MasterClass at:


Note:  You’ll need to JOIN US LIVE ONLINE to experience this Master Class – NO recording will be shared afterwards!


If you would like to work with Tom 1 on 1 during the Master Class, you’ll be asked to submit the following ahead of time:

–  Title and Author of your 1-2 minute monologue
–  Headshot and Actor Resume
–  In the interest of time and fairness, names will be pulled from a ‘hat’ to determine who will perform during the class – Tom will work with as many actors as time allows! If you request to perform, please be off-book and ready to go if called upon!


Questions?  Please email:



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