Finance Your TV Show or Film – A 5 Week Online Intensive Course!

Event Date 5 Weekly Classes Beginning Wednesday, June 30th through July 28th, 2021
Location ONLINE - so you can take it from ANYWHERE!
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Hi everyone,


Here’s a great course for producers and content creators on how to FINANCE YOUR TV SHOW OR FILM – a 5-week intensive course!


It’s ONLINE – so you can take it from ANYWHERE!


Details are below – as always, there’s a great discount for, and feel free to forward if you know anyone who might be interested!


Good luck, have a great day, and don’t forget to dream big!




Jeffrey R. Gund

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Foundation Course!








Jason Piette is a producer and film financier with over 50 movies and TV series to his name, including Perfect Creatures ($11M) for Twentieth Century Fox; the $25M The Merchant of Venice starring Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons; Head in the Clouds ($20M) starring Charlize Theron and Penelope Cruz, (both for Sony Pictures Classics); the $33M Napoleon TV series for A&E; Jason also worked on the $300 million Movision Film Fund, and is currently working on a TV series for Netflix.





Founder of Rough Diamond Productions, and producer of over 36 feature films, including the Sony Classics release The Merchant of Venice, directed by Michael Radford, and starring Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, and Joseph Fiennes; as well as the Newmarket release Stander; and 2 Jacks.  Author of “Success in Film,” a guide to producing and financing indie films.



LIVE ONLINE with Streaming Video!

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*We are only holding an online/VOD version of this course due to COVID-19.



​5 Wednesdays


Wednesday, June 30th, 2021

11am to 1pm

Followed by 4 Consecutive Wednesday Afternoons (11am – 1pm)

​through Wednesday, July 28th, 2021

Stream the class LIVE online, OR you can also watch afterwards with Video-On-Demand!



Our Film and TV Financing Foundation Course is designed to help you pick up and use the tools you need to set up and get your films and TV shows made.


Film and TV financing – from raising equity, or accessing tax credits, through pitching networks and OTTs, or negotiating the best banking and sales deals – made easy!



Producers, content creatorsdirectors, screenwriters, actors, and filmmakers who are looking to set up a television show or find funding for their feature films, as well as Investors who want more clarity on different co-financing options and how film financing structures work.





June 30th, 2021

Week 1 – Part 1.  Overview of Film & TV Financing

– Financing in the current marketplace
– Packaging for financing
– Latest developments from the industry (with recent cases)
– Financial planning overview:
– Equity Funding
– Tax Incentives
– Distribution advances
– Crowdfunding
– Grants
– Co-productions
– In-kind products and services
– Completion bonds and budgets


Week 1 – Part 2.  Equity Funding

–  Making a project appeal to investors

–  Creating a business plan

–  Where to look for equity funding



July 7th, 2021

–  State and international incentives, and applying for them

–  Which incentives makes more sense for your film or TV Show?

–  Rebates vs credits

–  Cashflowing the credits

–  Impacts of incentives on your budget



July 14th, 2021

–  Setting up a successful crowdfunding campaign

–  Different types of crowdfunding: Equity vs Rewards

–  Overview of available grants

–  Applying for grant funding

–  Overview on TV networks and streamers are looking for



July 21st, 2021

–  Hiring a sales agent

–  Attracting pre-sales

–  Pros and cons of pre-sales

–  Understanding senior debt and GAP financing

–  Benefits and challenges of co-productions in financing



July 28th, 2021

Now that you know different financing options available for films and TV projects, pitch your project and finance plan with your synopsis, rough idea of budget, and get expert feedback from instructors and a guest speaker.



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Fred Leach got his feature film funded after doing the class last year and is currently in the final stages of post. Here’s what he has to say:

“I shot my first feature, “Caged Birds'” last year. Previous to that I took Julia Verdin’s Film Financing course, and honestly, I could not recommend it enough to anyone trying to make it in this business. It helped me along the way for sure – whether it be learning how to make a business plan, a pitch deck, or how to market the film – all the different things you’re going to need when you’re talking to investors and trying to get them interested in your project. Julia’s great too. She helped me along the way – I could call her whenever I had questions. Do yourself a favor, take her class – it will be one of the best investments you could ever make!”
     — Fred Leach, Producer


“One of the best things about this class was that Julia and Jason are active working professionals, with current up to date info on how to fund films and TV projects.  I got a really good overview of both market places: what types of projects are most viable and what type of presentation materials are needed to command attention and garner enthusiasm. This course really helped me to put my project slate together so I could go out and not only attract investors but also build the best project team.  I highly recommend it for anyone serious about getting their ventures into production.”

     — Vincent Spano, Actor/Writer/Director/Producer


“Thanks to doing this course, I got my film made and am now having a very successful festival run!  Julia is amazing: she has a wealth of development and production experience across the world, and she explains everything very clearly.  If you take this class, it will empower you with the skills and knowledge needed to make your film. Highly recommend!”

     — Sean Fredericks, Director/Producer/Writer


“I learned so much from the Film Financing Class!  Things that none of my friends are learning after years in film school.  One can learn how to write a script and film a scene, but if one wants to have a film actually financed how do you accomplish that?  I learned the answers from this class and I highly recommend that any indie producer learn from Julia and Jason.  They are very accessible, engaging, helpful, and fun to learn from.  I’ve even watched the classes again at home and learned something new every time I watch.  It’s so important to have a good pitch and business plan, and this class teaches you how to do that.”

     — Elizabeth Aseltine, Producer



Register now for just $289 at:




JASON PIETTE is a producer and film financier with over 50 movies and TV series to his name, including the $25M The Merchant of Venice starring Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons; Head In The Clouds ($20M) starring Charlize Theron and Penelope Cruz, (both for Sony Pictures Classics); the $33M Napoleon TV series for A&E in the United States; Perfect Creatures ($11M) for Twentieth Century Fox; independent American features such as Mark Pellington’s I Melt With You for Magnolia Pictures and cult classic, part crowdfunded Iron Sky for Entertainment One.  Before co-founding Disrupting Influence, Jason also worked on the $300 million Movision Film Fund.  Jason’s most recent movies include the sci-fi comedies Iron Sky and Iron Sky 2, and Berlin I Love You starring Helen Mirren, Keira Knightley and Mickey Rourke.  Jason is a graduate of Cambridge University.  Jason is currently working on a TV series for Netflix.


JULIA VERDIN – a veteran film producer with 30 years industry experience and 36 producer credits under her belt, she has extensive experience in packaging and putting together feature films.  She has extensive knowledge of all aspects of filmmaking and authored “Success in Film,” a guide to producing and financing indie films.  As well as producing, she has also directed and written screenplays.  Some of her career highlights are theatrical releases such as Merchant of Venice with Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, and Joseph FiennesStander, starring Thomas Jane and Deborah Unger; and Two Jacks starring Sienna Miller, Danny Huston, Jack Huston, and Jacqueline Bisset. Julia’s films have been selected for many major film festivals including Sundance, Toronto, Venice, AFI, Raindance, Vancouver International, and London.  Julia directed, wrote, and produced her new feature film, Lost Girls: Angie’s Story, set around the world of sex trafficking, which stars Olivia d’Abo, Dylan Sprayberry, Antony Montgomery, Randolph Batinkoff, Jane Widdup, M.C. Lyte and Amin Joseph, which is currently in release.  Julia is also currently directing a documentary on trafficking as a companion educational piece.


Other recent producing work includes Pursued for director Jeffrey Obrow, starring Sam Trammell, Molly Ringwald, Angus MacfaydenMiesha Tate, and Paul SorvinoOne by One, directed by Jeffrey Obrow, starring Dwight Yoakam and Christopher Lloyd, both in post-production; and the recently released The Unwilling, starring Dina Meyer, Lance Henriksen, and Jake Thomas, which has won many awards at top horror festivals.  Julia also Executive Produced the 2015 Lionsgate release Born of War, directed by Vicky Jewson, starring James Frain and Sophia Black D’Elia.


Some other films Julia produced earlier in her career include Riding The Bullet, based on a Stephen King story, directed by Mick Garris and starring David Arquette, Jonathan Jackson, Erica Christensen, and Barbara Hershey.  Julia’s faith-based film, The Least Among You was a Lionsgate release, starring Lou Gossett Jr., Lauren Holly, and William Devane, which featured in major festivals, being nominated for two N.A.A.C.P. awards.  I Witness, directed by Rowdy Harrington, starring Jeff Daniels and James SpaderGreen Mail, starring Steven Baldwin and Tom SkerrittThe Shipment, starring Mathew Modine, Nick Turturro, and Elisabeth BerkleyThe Contaminated Man, starring William Hurt, Peter Weller, and Natasha McElhoneSTYX, starring Peter Weller, Angus MacFayden, and Brian Brown, directed by Alex Wright; Ballad of the Nightingale with Virginia Madsen, Maria Cuccinota (Il Postino), Seymour Cassell, Michael Madsen, and Harry Dean Stanton; Lone Hero, directed by Ken Sanzel and starring Lou Diamond Philips, Sean Patrick Flanery, and Robert Forester; Slipstream, starring Sean Austin and Vinnie Jones; The Set Up, a bank heist thriller based on a James Hadley Chase best-selling novel, directed by Strathford Hamilton and starring Billy Zane, James Coburn, Mia Sara, and James Russo for MGM/Showtime; and Temptation, an action-packed revenge thriller for Dino De Laurentiis Communications starring Jeff Fahey, David Keith, and Alison Doody.  Julia Is currently busy developing both TV and film projects.



Register now for just $289 at:



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