Decision-Maker Meetings: New Event on How to Connect with High-Level Studio Execs, Financiers, Producers & Agents – with VC-Turned-Producer Mara McCann!

Event Date November 18, 2021 @ 11am - 12pm PST (2pm-3pm EST)
Location ONLINE - so you can take it from ANYWHERE!
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Hi everyone,


Here’s info on a great, all-new FREE MASTERCLASS coming up:  DECISION-MAKER MEETINGS:


It’s being taught by VC-Turned-Producer Mara McCann, who is also a Creative Business Strategist and LinkedIn Expert!


Details are below – as always, feel free to forward if you know any entertainment professionals or up-and-comers who might be interested!


Good luck, have a great day, and don’t forget to dream big!




Jeffrey R. Gund

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Mara breaks down techniques filmmakers can use to
book high-level meetings with financiers, studio execs, and reps!


with LIVE Q&A!


THURSDAY, November 18th, 2021

11am – 12pm PST (2pm-3pm EST)

ONLINE – so you can attend from ANYWHERE!


Hey, filmmakers!


You’re talented, but… Literally, NO ONE CARES.


At least, that’s how it feels, right?  You work hard, you write a script, you win an award, you make a film, you get into festivals… aaaaannndddd nothing.   Again.


Instead of giving up, you try again, writing scripts or making films and just praying that somebody with decision-making power will discover you and give you the career of your dreams.


Of course, deep down you’re sure you’ve got no shot, cause it’s all about who you know, right?  WRONG!


What if I told you that there is a magical place where decision-makers at the very top of the entertainment industry are hanging out and literally waiting for you to reach out to book a meeting with them?


I’m talking film financiers, showrunners, studio executives, producers, agents, and managers!


You’d probably call me bat-sh*t crazy. And you wouldn’t be the first, lol!   Buuuuut, you’d be wrong – and I can prove it…


My name is Mara McCann. I’m a former Silicon Valley consultant who got bit by the showbiz bug and left a lucrative career to follow my filmmaking dreams.


In the VC world, everyone knows that the next big thing can come from ANYONE, ANYWHERE, at any time – so it’s essential that serious decision-makers make themselves available for meetings.


Here’s a mind-blowing fact for you:  so do high-powered entertainment industry professionals!


If you learn how to connect with them, then you and your creativity can finally be seen by people who are actually in the position to make your vision a reality.


That’s where DECISION-MAKER MEETINGS comes in!


This LIVE online masterclass will teach you:
– How to get to top decision-makers at networks (without a pitch deck or warm intro)!
– How to create an authentic branded page on LinkedIn that gets exec’s reaching out to you – even if you’re completely unfamiliar with LinkedIn!
– How to have meaningful intro Zoom meetings with high-level executives that can give your career a quantum leap (before you have an A list resume on IMDB)!
– How to use big data and AI to your advantage to attract the exact type of work you want (without hours of searching job boards)!
– PLUS – Live Q+A!!  Pepper us with questions related to getting meetings with decision-makers, presenting your creative idea on zoom, building meaningful & lasting professional relationships, screenwriting, filmmaking, film festivals, film financing – we’ve done it all and we GOT you!

–  BONUS:  How the “Network Effect” can motivate decision-makers to introduce you to powerful industry influencers!


Stop waiting to get noticed and start taking action to make yourself known!


We invite you to register using the link below!  Can’t wait to meet you!



Be sure to mention when you register for the FREE MASTERCLASS at the special link below, and get 15% OFF if you decide register for the FULL COURSE (a group coaching program).  Of course, there’s plenty of great information in the FREE MASTERCLASS, but if you love it and want to learn more, be sure use the special link below when you register so you’ll be eligible for the discount!



Register NOW for the FREE MASTERCLASS at the link below so you’ll be eligible for future discounts:


Got any questions you want us to try to cover?  Email them to:




VC-turned-producer Mara McCann is a LinkedIn Expert and creative business strategist with 15+ years experience, specializing in emerging tech, mentorship of start-ups, and partnership development.  She has managed key investment partnerships for companies in big data, mobile and smart machines.  She was on the business development team at one of the top innovation labs in New York, as well as the acting advisor to the founder of a Silicon Valley early-stage technology investment incubator, who is now listed in the top 50 futurists worldwide.


She has coordinated and organized numerous events in the tech and film community in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, including Tribeca Film Fest and Sundance.  This past year, Mara was chosen as one of 40 entrepreneurs for a select residency for future thinkers and social activists at Sundance.  She is a frequent speaker on podcasts about building companies, filmmaking, and entrepreneurship.  She is currently building an entertainment Hub on LinkedIn’s event platform, Hub.


She runs masterminds and masterclasses for filmmakers and entertainment professionals using basic start-up and sales principles to get film financing leads, high-level executive meetings, and distribution deals.  She is passionate about building teams, community, and stories with impact.


Originally from Iowa, her common-sense and down to earth approach matches seamlessly with the authenticity of success of many of her past clients.  She is active as an actress and filmmaker.  Currently she resides between New York and the Berkshires.



Justin Giddings is an award-winning actor, writer, and director who got sick and tired of waiting for permission to be creative.  Despite success as an actor on shows like Shameless, Nashville, Pretty Little Liars, and General Hospital, Justin decided to get behind the camera.  His and his partner’s first two shorts played at over 100 film festivals around the globe, winning multiple awards and best-ofs and gaining distribution and development deals with Gaiam TV and Gunpowder & Sky.


While he continues to work as a writer and director, Justin also has the distinction of being the Kickstarter Guy, the #1 crowdfunding coach for filmmakers.  He’s coached over 190 clients, helped raised $7.8 million, and has a 97% success rate.  He’s an official Kickstarter Expert, a Forbes Business Coach, and regularly teaches with organizations such as Film Independent.  The empowerment of a filmmaker to totally control their creative expression in the world continues to drive Justin’s coaching and educational work.



Register NOW for the FREE COURSE at the link below so you’ll be eligible for future discounts:





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