Casting Fluent Vietnamese Speakers for HBO Series (No Acting Experience Required, Searching Worldwide!)

Type of Project Scripted TV Series
Paid Project YES TBD (to be negotiated with network)
Audition Date / Time Now through February 18th, 2022
Location Casting Worldwide
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Hi everyone,


Here’s a great opportunity for actors and people who SPEAK FLUENT VIETNAMESE to be cast as a series lead in an upcoming series from HBO and Emmy and Oscar-winning A24 Productions, “The Sympathizer.”




Details are below – as always, feel free to forward if you know someone who might be interested, and be sure to mention I sent you!


Good luck, have a great day, and don’t forget to dream big!




Jeffrey R. Gund

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We are searching WORLDWIDE for people who SPEAK VIETNAMESE fluently to be cast as a series lead in an upcoming series from HBO and Emmy and Oscar-winning A24 Productions, “The Sympathizer.”




We are now casting multiple lead roles for this series, based on the Pulitzer Prize winning book by Viet Thanh Ngyuen.


Please submit if you think you are a fit for any of the roles listed below.





Male / Late 20s to early 30s / Half Vietnamese, Half Caucasian.  Slender.  Charismatic, witty and intelligent.  Sensitive with an edge / darkness to him.  Believable he could carry a secret and also have a violent side to him.  A refugee from conflict in the North, he works in counterintelligence for the South Vietnamese army but at the same time is a double agent for the Viet Cong.  Educated in America.

Must speak fluent Vietnamese and fluent English (both flawlessly).  Ability to speak some French a plus.  SERIES LEAD. MULTI-YEAR DEAL. NUDITY, SEXUAL SITUATIONS AND SIMULATION REQUIRED.



Female / age 18 – early 20s / Vietnamese.  The General’s eldest daughter.  Forced immigration from Vietnam accelerates her rapid maturation from sulky teen to seductive songstress.  She’s salty, she speaks her mind, and she’s pragmatic.  She embraces the promise of her new country and its evolving liberal morality.  Must speak flawless English (as she wants to pass as American).  Ability to sing is a plus.  Dancing skills are a plus.  SERIES LEAD.  MULTI-YEAR DEAL. NUDITY, SEXUAL SITUATIONS, AND SIMULATION REQUIRED.



Male / Mid 40s to mid 50s / Vietnamese.  Head of the South Vietnamese Secret Police, a Christian and an epicure (though not necessarily in that order).  Paranoid, hen-pecked and proud to an almost ludicrous degree, he is an ardent believer in the American Dream and, if cornered, a dangerous patriot.  Perfect posture.  A leader of men.  Can be dangerous, but there’s a pathetic side to him as well.  A bit of a Napoleon complex.

Must speak fluent Vietnamese (Southern dialect).  Must speak some English (but doesn’t have to be perfect). SERIES LEAD. MULTI-YEAR DEAL.  SOME NUDITY REQUIRED.



Male / Late 20s to early 30s / Vietnamese.  Should look physically strong. Not traditionally handsome.  A face with lots of character.  A devoted friend, husband and father.  His closest friend is the captain. A born soldier, a nationalist, a fearless fighter and, if necessary, a killer, but at the same time, sentimental.  He has a wholesome love of violence.  Gets into fights. Training in kung fu or taekwondo a plus.

Must speak fluent Vietnamese (Southern dialect).   Must speak some English (but not perfect).  SERIES LEAD.  MULTI-YEAR DEAL. NUDITY REQUIRED.



Male / 30s to early 40s / Vietnamese.  An effortless leader, who acts like a big brother to the Captain, and also as his handler for the Communists.  He is protective and compassionate, an idealist, but also an ideologue with a dangerous zealous streak.  Self-disciplined.  A dentist by trade.

Must speak fluent Vietnamese. No English is required.  SERIES LEAD.  MULTI-YEAR DEAL.



Male / 40s / Half Chinese,  Half Vietnamese.  An overweight, gregarious, social character.  Comic ability.  Very likable.  An officer in the South Vietnamese Secret Police.  He evacuates Vietnam with the General’s party to Los Angeles.  Loves food and talking.  Must speak fluent Vietnamese (Southern dialect).  Must speak some English (but doesn’t have to be perfect).  Ability to speak some Cantonese is a plus.  SERIES LEAD.  1 YEAR DEAL.


Submissions:  due by Friday, February 18th, 2022

Shoot:  Project is scheduled to shoot from June 2022 through March 2023.


NOTE:  Regarding Covid-19 safety protocols, please note that all in-person filming will be done in accordance with all federal and local standards at the time of filming.



Be sure to mention you heard about this from Jeff Gund at, and fill out the online submission form no later than Friday, February 18th, 2022, at:


Note:  You will need a gmail account to log into the Google form above.  If you have any issues viewing, you may contact us via email at:


Please feel free to share with anyone you feel might be interested!!



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