Jennifer Penner

Santa Monica , California





Personal Bio

Guten Tag!

Welcome to my page, here is my information:

  • GENDER: Female
  • AGE RANGE:19-26
  • ETHNICITIES: White / European Descent
  • HEIGHT: 5’3″ / 160cm
  • WEIGHT: 132lbs / 60kg
  • BUILD: Curvy
  • HAIR: Red
  • EYES: Green

April 2019 I moved from germany to Los Angeles to fulfill my dream: becoming an actress! I quit my boring office manager job, sold my car, packed my stuff and left my family, friends and my dog in germany to change my life. So here I am: Graduated in January 2020 from acting school and now I am finding my way in the show business. It is a hard, crazy, long and exciting journey of growing, learning, failing, and succeeding! 

I love every step of it and I am thankful for the time of my life! 

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